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Visiting Captive Wolf Facility–Idaho

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Ceiridwen holding genetically tame fox

The fox farm in Novosibirsk, Russia, site of the most famous domestication experiment in the world, currently houses approximately 3,000 silver foxes. Each open-air wooden shed holds 100 or so animals in adjacent wire cages measuring one cubic yard. In this video I hold a genetically tame silver fox (Vulpes vulpes).

Belly rubs for foxes

This fox is emotional because I’m giving it what it desperately wants–and needs at a genetic level–human contact.

A walking tour of the fox farm

Ceiridwen accompanies Anastasiya Kharlamova to Novosibirsk fox farm.MODIn this video Anastasiya Kharlamova, assistant to Lyudmila Trut, takes Ceiridwen on a tour of the fox farm.

Foxes in their cages

Fox confinement stress circles.MODAll wire, the cages have no toys, no stimulation of any kind, except for a cast-aluminum food tray that rotated like a lazy Susan on an axis so that food can be placed on the tray from outside the cage.

A comparison of genetically tame and genetically aggressive foxes

Aggressive foxes contrast to genetically tame foxes Genetically aggressive foxes and genetically tame foxes–a comparison.

Changes in coat color

Genetically tame foxes underwent changes to coat color and patterning.


2 Responses to Part Wild Videos

  1. Vicki St Clair says:

    Hi Caeridwen

    Really enjoyed talking with you today and wanted to watch some of the videos I hadn’t seen yet. I saw this from your site … and the handler said they only feed them every three days. Is that typical of sanctuary feeding? (I did a real quick Google search and info from that was that they’d eat when hungry, typically every day when food is available.) ~ Vicki

  2. Alex says:

    I really enjoyed reading your book, Part Wild. I cried when I read the part that you had to put inyo down. you are an amazing writer. I have a Labrador retriever mix and like to hike with her. I never have owned a wolf/dog and plan never to. you described everything very well in your book, thanks for writing it, it was truly an amazing and unique story, I will tell all my friends about it. I love wolves and when I grow up, I want to protect wolves and write books

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