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A Researcher Chokes On Her Popcorn: Wolf Myths Live On in 2012

Digging up the real biology and behavior of wolves and then getting the true story out there for the general public is pretty tough. There is so much misinformation about these animals in popular media, ranging from the ridiculous: Wolves … Continue reading

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17 Wolfdogs Killed at “Sanctuary”

The animals at Wolfsong Ranch, a wolfdog sanctuary, have been the victims of neglect, betrayed by the very people who claimed to be their last resort for protection. Located in Lone City, Ohio, Wolfsong is a private, non-profit organization “dedicated … Continue reading

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“M”–a wolfdog owner–shares his views

Over the years I’ve had countless people approach me extolling my dog’s beauty, and more than a few have expressed the desire to go and get one just like him. This is written for them. It’s true. My dog is … Continue reading

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Part Wild reader shares her experiences

I was given your book the other day & started reading it last night. I finished it in the early morning, reading it all in one sitting. I sat staring at your book, lost in all that you had shared … Continue reading

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Belyaev’s foxes–a few more thoughts

Why I went to Siberia: I was writing my book Part Wild, my personal story about raising a wolfdog, an animal both dog and wolf, who turned out to have a very “wolfy” brain.  No matter how much I enriched … Continue reading

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William and Donald enjoying their morning alfalfa together. Donald is a young St. Croix hair sheep, playful and friendly.  William, a retired thoroughbred jumper, has the nickname “The Philosopher.” He often considers the world before responding to it–a jay perched … Continue reading

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A canine fan of PART WILD

One reader sent this to me:  Her dog Stella reading PART WILD on a rainy day.  

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Paying the Price for Captivity Stress

People aren’t the only ones to pay a high price for their animals’ captivity stress… By frustrating an animal’s urges–inhibiting its natural drives to disperse, hunt, and mate–physical confinement in the form of a pen or even a leash can … Continue reading

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Dog Runs and Rainy Days

The woods of Forest Park received a sprinkling of snow last night. My two dachshunds have become heat-seeking missiles, preferring to hibernate for the winter rather than venture outside. I take Argos, my 11-year-old shepherd mix, and head to the … Continue reading

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PART WILD is available now! See what readers are saying…

PART WILD:  One Woman’s Journey with a Creature Caught Between the Worlds of Wol ves and Dogs “Terrill will make you fully understand the differences between wild and domestic animals.  Her riveting prose about her wolf hybrid is essential reading … Continue reading

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